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I am Borys Komander (Yes, that is my last name, not a

title). Travelling without a camera is just not for

me...all inclusive also. I'm a self-taught photographer

and pro-level enthusiast for spontaneous ideas with

adrenaline. Climbing, hiking, skiing, diving,

packraft,kayak, tent, no tent, all that.

I think the word "Adventure" could have a

different meaning to everyone. For myself, going to a

new, interesting location with challenging purpose

and not knowing what to expect...would be the

definition. With my camera of course, because it's

worth a shoot :)

                                                   "It's more important for a

                                                    photographer to have very good

                                                    shoes, then to have a very good   


                                                                                                              -SebastiĆ£o Salgado-

Untitled photo
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